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Flights are now operating to Kullu from Chandigarh

Flights to Kullu-Manali

Avail Great offer on Chandigarh-Kullu/Manali travel package

In a service industry customer is undoubtedly the king. We are obliged to give them what they require within the parameters of our limitation and service. And believe us; it is our honest endeavor to offer best of our service.

Nonetheless, sometimes even with the best of our intention, we are unable to give you travel deals you want. Tourists have quite often inquired us if there are any direct flights for Manali via the Chandigarh – Kullu route. Each time the inquiry came, we had to say a ‘no’ because there were flights from Delhi and not Chandigarh.

But now we have good news and one excellent Deal of your Dreams. We are delighted to announce the availability of direct flights from Chandigarh to Kullu. You can now wrap a toiling 9 hour road journey to Manali into a convenient…..half an hour journey by air.

The next best thing that happens if you take this direct flight is the time saving factor. Travel these days is more about how many things you can bind together, into a typically small time frame. Lack of time is the biggest loss of modern-day lifestyle. You would agree to that, right? You must have tried squeezing a 4 day itinerary into your weekends.

We hope you don’t have to do that. So we have brought a complete package that includes airfare, a comfy stay in luxury hotel and a comprehensive sightseeing tour of entire Manali – all at an unbelievable price! You can now spend more time discovering your destination rather that travelling it.

The package include:-

  • Airfare for Chandigarh –Kullu- Chandigarh route – Remember it is many times convenient and time saving than a road journey. A cab picks you up at the airport and takes you to a luxury hotel.
  • An exclusive Luxury hotel deal – your stay will be booked at a luxury accommodation while you enjoy the bliss of nature around.   
  • Local sightseeing tour – thrilling tour of Rohtang pass, Solang valley, Club House, Vashisht and Manali Mall Road.

Alternatively… can also book your flight without any deal and get special discount.

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