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The secret trail to Kamrunag Temple in Mandi-Himachal

Kamrunag dev temple in Himachal Pradesh

Kamrunag dev temple in Himachal Pradesh

Since my son’s birth our family had wished that on his second birthday, we would pay our obedience at the holy feet of Lord Kamrunag since it’s the tradition in our family to perform baby’s mundane (a sacred tonsuring ceremony for babies among Hindus) at our native deity, Lord Kamrunag’stemple.

On the auspicious day of 14th June each year, when the temple gates open for all, we started on a long trek through the narrow trails, up the mountain glen.

Kamrunag temple is one of the best kept secrets of Himachal – a place that embraces pristine nature, undeterred faith and devotion. It remains virtually inaccessible throughout winters and opens briefly during summers.

We choose the most popular route to reach the temple via Rohanda, 40 km from Sundernagar. From Rohanda, we started on a steep, two hours trek to reach the temple premises. Hiking was never a problem for us in fact we were enjoying the adventure, balmy winds and cozy summer sun. Dense deodar forest, in their greenest cape against impeccably azure sky- what a marvelous sight it was. I took a deep breath as to inhale freshness all at one time. We came across huge boulders which had been quite artistically chiseled over the years through wind. Trees hallowed by years of weathering were perfect to get shelter from the sun. In front of me was the breath-taking view of snow clad Dhauladhar ranges and the Balh Valley. I was drooling over the place when my husband asked to fasten my pace.

Journey to Kamrunag Dev Temple

Journey to Kamrunag Dev Temple

My father-in-law knew a lot of legends prevalent about the temple. It was a long way, and I cajoled him to unfold all of them one by one, as we hiked our way through the rocky terrain. Even out of breath at few places, he narrated them all. The most unusual legend was about the mystery of Kamrunag Lake that located in front of the temple.

“It is believed that the lake has one of the largest treasures of the world. People out of devotion and faith in the deity, from time immemorial, have rendered gold, silver, currency into the lake. Each year when the annual fair is held, you will see an onrush of devotees filling the lake with money and other precious thing. But not even a single thing is taken out. Those who tried steeling it were in some way punished for their deeds.”

Money/Gold in holy lake of KamruNag

Money/Gold in holy lake of Kamrunag Dev

My father-in-law stopped to catch a moment of breath, and then continued with the tale, “the local priest of the temple takes out all the currency and buys equal amount of gold/silver and coins which is then immersed into the lake. It is said that Lord Kamrunag guards his own treasure. Nobody knows the depth of the lake, where this treasure goes year after year and why this lake never gets filled”

We were now close to the temple gates, as the sound of heavy gong was becoming much more audible. I was feeling very relaxed in the spiritual environs of the temple. After we performed the rituals, we went to the same lake to pray and pay our reverence. The trek wasn’t easy, but the sheer spectacle of nature, spirituality and faith made it an unforgettable journey.

Seeing people literally flinging their precious gold into the lake shook the very core of my faith. Earlier I had only heard such things, but seeing it with my own eyes made me believe that such devotion does exist.

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