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The ultimate tip for Christmas and New Year in Shimla!

Christmas and New Year eve in shimlaMost of us have elaborate plans for the festive week, i.e. from Christmas to New Year. Don’t we? That’s where the difference lies. We have good plans, but never an advance execution for them. This is precisely what I didn’t do last year.

I was in Shimla last year for Christmas and New Year party. Now Shimla is one fantastic place to visit during New Year. But it is also one of the most visited places, thronged by really high turnout of tourists during this time. It is an all season favourite destination, but Christmas and New Year means entire Shimla will be certainly jam packed.

My friends from college came up with this last minute plan for New Year. They called me up and in matter of hours we were heading to the ‘Queen of Hills’ from Delhi. We had a great plan, a great destination, a glorious celebration ahead and sadly a folly to bear.

Coming to Shimla without advance booking for Christmas of New Year was not such a wise idea. We had a really hard time getting an accommodation. After spending half a night hunting for a room, we had to settle for not so good lodging. Parking was also a great problem during this time. We learnt our lesson the hard way.
I can’t say about others, but since then I have surely started planning in advance for suck peak holidays season. You got that right! Planning in advance is the key. Book in advance, if you want to enjoy Shimla to the fullest. There is no dearth of activities or parties. You can always find good options, great packages and fabulous deals. You just have to be an early bird.

I would also recommend going for a very reliable travel agency, which is also very convenient. They have unlimited deals, great discounts, tie-ups with best hotels in Shimla and they also provide proper guidance. Besides, there are absolutely no hassles of arranging the entire trip and party. All you do is enjoy your New Year and Christmas party.

That said – I have another tip for you in our next blog for Christmas and New Year.

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