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Lahaul Valley Holiday Package

Lahaul is the subdivision of Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. The rugged beauty of this terrain is captivating and it is lined with beautiful snow covered peak and massive glaciers. Chandra and Bhaga, the two rivers which start from Baralacha La flow through the Chandra and Bhaga valley system in this region. Buddhist culture has a strong influence on Lahaul which can be seen by many monasteries, repositories of ancient murals, wood carving and golden images of Padmasambhava. Due to its rough terrain Lahaul is very popular among trekkers and mountaineers interested in exploring the vividness of Himalayas.
Lahaul Valley
Map of Lahaul Valley
In the second half of the 17th century after the disintegration of Ladakh kingdom, Lahaul was handed over to the ruler of Kullu. Maharaja Ranjit Singh took over Lahaul along with Kullu in 1840 untill 1846 after which the area come under the power of British. Lahaul formed part of Kullu sub-division of Kangra district from 1846 to 1940. Later in June, 1960 Lahaul & Spiti were merged to form one district.
Latitude - 32.5000 N
Longitude - 77.8333 E
Altitude - 4,270 m
The weather is cold and chilly in Lahaul, but summer brings in some relief. That is why the best time to visit Lahaul Valley is during summer which last from mid-May to mid-October. Temperature during summer rise to 15 degree Celsius on an average. Lahaul experiences long winters that start in November and end in April. This region remains unapproachable during winters due to heavy snowfall in this region.
Best time to visit
Mid May to Mid-October

Places to visit in Lahaul Valley

Gondla is a village located in the Lahaul region, along the banks of River Chandra. It is at a distance of 18 km from Keylong. Gondhla castle or fort is one of the most favourite attractions of this place.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Guru Ghantal Monastery
Guru Ghantal Monastery is located on the banks of Chandra River, 4 km from Tandi. The wooden structure, carvings and idols of the monastery are unique making it one of the oldest Gompas in Lahaul valley.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Kardang Monastery
Kardang monastery is believed to be a12th century architecture. It is located in the Kardang village across the Bhaga River which is 5 km from Keylong.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Darcha is a small village located at an elevation of 3360 m on the Bhaga River in the Lahaul region. It is a stopover and endpoint of trek beginning to Padum in Zanskar.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Shahshur Monastery
Shahshur monastery is located 3 km form Keylong and was founded way back in the 17th century. The monastery belongs to the red hat sect and is a popular place among visitors.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Sissu is also known as Khagling by the locals and is situated in the Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh, some 90 km from Manali. This tiny, yet beautiful place is located on the left bank of Chandra River.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
At the confluence of two beautiful rivers Chandra and Bhaga is the village known as Tandi. This village was founded by Raja Rana Chand Ram and is located7 km from Keylong.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Bara Lacha La
Bara Lacha La also known as Bara-lacha Pass is a high altitude pass located in the Zanskar range. It is an important pass that connects Lahaul to Ladakh.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Sarchu is also known by the name of Sir Bhum Chun and is situated at an elevation of 4290 m. This place is tucked between Baralacha La in its south and Lachulung La in the north.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Udaipur is a sub-divisional headquarters, located at a distance of 53 km from Keylong on the confluence of Mayar nullah and River Chandrabhaga. It is famous among tourists owing to its thick forest and impeccably green scenery.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Kilar is located in the majestic valley of Pangi, approximately 140 km from Keylong. It is also an important place from trekking point of view.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
Kaza is the headquarters of Spiti Valley in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. It is also known by the names of Kaze and Kaja. The town has grown around the beautiful banks of Spiti River and is divided into two parts. The old part of Kaza is located on the outskirts with many ancient monasteries that can be visited. The new part of this town house all the administrative buildings and constructions that have recently developed in this region.
Best Time to Visit: June to October
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